Home Improvements that can help Sell your Home

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Home Improvements That Help a House Sell: A Resource Guide


With inventory so low, this is a good time to sell your house. By investing in some upgrades to enhance the property's aesthetic appeal and functionality, you can sell it more quickly and for a higher price. This resource guide from Kathy Larson Real Estate provides some pointers that will help to sell your house.


Start With Value-Boosting Upgrades in the Interior


Invest in upgrades that will make your interior shine

●    Paint is an easy way to give rooms an updated look.
●    Upgrade appliances like the refrigerator and stove, which will help boost home value.
●    Complete repairs that need to be done. Buyers don’t want a laundry list of things to do when buying a home. 
●    Start the home-staging process by removing clutter, especially off horizontal surfaces.  
●    Keep receipts of any improvements so you can quantify your investment and justify a higher asking price when you sell.


Spruce Up the House's Exterior Appearance


With the inside done, focus your energy on creating a polished presentation from the outside

●    Wash your house's exterior using a hose and pressure washer.
●    Dengarden suggests sprucing up your front door by giving it a fresh coat of paint, replacing old hardware, and placing flower boxes on either side.
●    Make any necessary repairs to the roof and siding.  First impressions are lasting!
●    Harsh winters can take a toll on walkways and driveways. Fix major cracks in your hardscaping.


Boost Curb Appeal with Your Landscaping


Make the most of your outdoor space to boost your home's curb appeal

●    Create a lush lawn with regular fertilization, aeration, watering, and mowing.
●    Planting areas that include perennial shrubs and plants are easy to maintain and look great all year.
●    Change exterior lighting if necessary to highlight your home.
●    If you don't have the time, tools, or knowledge to ramp up your landscaping yourself, enlist the help of professionals.


Preparing a home for sale requires some time and effort. However, the investment will be well worth it when you are able to sell your house more quickly—and at a better price.